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The Toner of Peyton Place

A One Act Play & Primer on Laser Printers

by Jimmie Moglia

13th century (seed) hopper 21st century (toner) hopper

one act play revealing - behind a fašade of conformity and respectability - the hidden seamy secrets and passions of provincial printer life. Including the lust of the Drum for the Toner. But, after a brief flirt with the Drum, the Toner develops a burning and irrepressible passion for the Copier Paper. This leads to pre-marital sex between Toner and Paper. In turn, as confirmed by the Doctor Blade, the Paper becomes pregnant with words and images. Broken-hearted, the Drum recovers his composure with the help of the Recovery Blade. At the last moment, in a steamy and hot crescendo, the Fuser Roller performs the official marriage ceremony. Toner and Paper are married and live happily thereafter until the next page is printed.

The Characters

Scene 1

Scene 2

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