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All Toner Cartridges offers affordable laser printing options with a large array of matched laser toners, specially manufactured replacement laser parts, refilled laser toner cartridges and genuine laser toner cartridges and drum cartridges

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Minolta-QMS Laser Products and Supplies

The Minolta brand has gone through several incarnations: the company started out as just Minolta, then joined with QMS to become Minolta-QMS. Recently, Minolta merged yet with another brand, Konica. At present Konica-Minolta has dropped most references to the QMS, though there are many legacy products under the QMS name. Though not as large as HP or Canon, the company has tended to have a loyal following for the Magicolor line of color laser printers. Recently though, it seems, the Magicolor laser printers have gained a bit in popularity, particularly with the Magicolor 2300 / 2350 series color laser printers. Though the original Magicolor color laser printers cost several thousands of dollars, existing Magicolor models run a couple hundred for the base models. With many of their color laser printers, Konica-Minolta has used a color laser engine utilizing four separate laser toner cartridges and a shared drum cartridge. With the introduction of the Magicolor 2400 color laser printers, Konica-Minolta has joined two of the larger laser printing system manufacturers by incorporating laser toner-tracking chips on the color laser toner cartridges.

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Please use one of the search options above to find the laser toner products that you need. If you would prefer to see a full-page listing of all the Minolta-QMS laser print cartridges or laser printing systems that we support, please use the links below. Or click on Minolta-QMS Laser Printer Parts to browse the fusers, belts and other printer parts that we sell.


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