All Toner Cartridges offers affordable laser cartridge supply products with a large array of matched toners, specially manufactured internal laser cartridge components, restored laser print cartridges and genuine brand laser print cartridges and laser drum cartridges

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We carry restored laser print cartridges, toner refill kits, bottles of toner and recharge supplies for most laser printers, copiers and faxes.  We can also supply you with genuine brand cartridges and brand name cartridge supply products.  If there is anything you do not see in our store, do not hesitate to call and inquire. For more information on methods for laser print cartridge recycling, click here.

The toners that we have available are scientifically designed for use in the laser print cartridges to which they are compatible. During the toner formulation process, careful attention is paid to the magnetic characteristics and chemical make-up of the toner assembled to be used in your laser machine.

A new trend in laser print cartridge design, has been to incorporate the use of computer chips into the functioning of the laser print cartridge. Most new HP and Lexmark laser print cartridges contain chips. The chips must be replaces for all new Lexmark laser print cartridges and color HP laser print cartridges for the laser print cartridge to print when returned to the laser machine. HP's monochrome laser print cartridges have chips as well, but they are only needed to enable the "toner low" and other similar functions.

For a light-hearted introduction to the various internal laser cartridge components and how they interact within the cartridge, please see The Toner of Peyton Place.

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